Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Yellow Motel

The Yellow Motel, located in now part of the Allegan County Forest, was reportedly once owned by the infamous Al Capone. It is no secret that Capone had many "hide-a-ways" throughout southwest Michigan. It is said that when things got "too hot" in Chi-town, Capone and his men made tracks to the Yellow Motel.

I have heard that Capone and his henchmen would conduct meetings in the tunnels beneath the structure. Legend also has it that there is quicksand in the way back of the property, where stool pigeons and back talkers ended up.

Another story surrounding the Yellow Motel is that it was once painted blue, and the very next day, was yellow once again.

While the Yellow Motel was still a structure, (it caught fire and burned in 1997. The local fire department arrived, and the decision was made to let it burn to the ground), locals would see a phantom woman, gazing out the window.

The Yellow Motel remains fresh in the surrounding community. It was once a meeting place for a coven of witches, including influential people in Allegan.

All that remains on the property is the original tennis court, some of the foundation, the circular driveway and a great ravine that runs along the back of the property. There have been recent stories of adventure seekers being chased by a ghostly white dog that disappears before an eminent attack. Tales of a phantom 1930's car speeding down the dirt road, headlights bright and disappearing as quick as it had appeared.

My husband and fellow investigator, Todd, and I went to the site of the Yellow Motel in November 2013. We located the tennis courts, parts of the foundation, some of which were still very much intact, the circular drive, part of what we believe to be a flag pole, and the long ravine. 

We could not locate any evidence of the tunnels, or quicksand. We did however, notice that although it was a sunny day, it was eerily darker in the surrounding areas of the Yellow Motel. (Although this is part of the Allegan Co. Forest, it is not dense or thick in this area, and there is still quite a bit of evidence of the fire, as the trees show the signs). There were no birds. No other animals (squirrels, etc) anywhere in this area.

It was not a windy nor breezy day, yet as we stood on the tennis court, we could hear a creaking, as if someone were rocking back and forth, or walking on a creaky porch.

As we wondered the grounds, we felt as though we were being watched, and quite frankly, not welcomed. 

Below are some of the photographs I took. We plan on going back in the Spring, and using Paranormal Investigating equipment.

 Looking to where we believe the original structure was.
 As I mentioned in article, the Yellow Motel burned 
down in 1997. As I was walking, I kicked up this
piece of the original Yellow Motel
 The ravine at back of property. There are two
drainage tunnels at each end.
 Looking at the tennis court.
 Coming to the ravine.
 From the tennis court.
 By the driveway.
 Possible well? Or tunnel entrance?
 A close up of the piece of the Yellow Motel I found.
 Part of the circular driveway.
 Another view of where we believe the original structure was.
 On the tennis court.
 Another view of the tennis court.
My husband  Todd, heading to the back of property.

All images and text are copyrighted by Crystal Johnson Overhuel.


  1. I grew up in Allegan, A few of my friends and I went out to investigate as well.. It was terrible..... We heard and seen the same things going on. Just down the road there's an abandoned trailer that one of his victim's was at... No one turned up alive or dead. It's all still standing though. I don't recommend you disturb it though. It could disturb the dead.

  2. I grew up there and have been out there in the early 90s. It was super rough and very creepy back then, The fire happened in 97ish and has changed. It was worse and alot more spooky before. The tunnel entrance was visible out back but flooded and filling with dirt then. The motel had some rooms visible and looked like they were untouched even though it was burnt down prior to 1997.

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  4. It kills me to read this blog as all of it is very much FALSE. I had the pleasure of knowing the lady that owned and lived in this house. Her name was Ileen. The kids of allegan put this poor woman through hell. Me and a friend of mine stayed here on weekends so Ileen could go visit an ailing family member. The stories of the " Yellow Motel" are very much FALSE!!! There were no hauntings, there are no secret tunnels, no quicksand, no phantom dog or car. All of these fables were made up over time by the kids of allegan. The "phantom" woman seen looking out the window was in fact Ileen looking and seeing who was trespassing on her land once again. I remember the crystal chandalier that hung above the table in the dinning room, it was my favorite place in the house. I loved sitting and listening to Ileen tell stories about the history of the house and how much she loved it. Stop publishing bullshit stories about the place when in fact yall know nothing about it but what was made up.

  5. I have something I'd like to talk to you about privately regarding this property if I could please.....